Coke Studio Africa: Jah Prayzah & Mr. Bow

01 September 2017
Zambia meets Zimbabwe tonight at 21:00 in the first episode of Coke Studio Africa Season 2.
Coke Studio

Coke Studio Africa Season 2 comes to Zambezi Magic tonight when two of SADC's super-talented artists will fuse their cultures and genres to make beautiful, versatile Afro-music!

Jah Prayzah

Mukudzeyi Mukombe, popularly known as Jah Prayzah is a Zimbabwean contemporary musician and lead member of the band Third Generation. Fondly referred to as Musoja, the Shona word for "soldier", by the media and his fans,  Jah Prayzah earned the name mostly because of his signature band uniform of military regalia. The name "Jah Prayzah" comes from his name, "Mukudzei", which means "Praise Him". He recently collaborated with Nigeria's Davido on the hit "My Lilly', which has become a favourite in most joints.

Mr. Bow

His good looks are not all that Mr. Bow has going on for him, his music takes one places and he's very fond of dealing with whatever issues; good or not so good, through his music.

His latest offering "Timaka ta ma Ranger", loosely translated to "Ranger problems" hit his home country by storm and as per the norm with controversial songs, his fans are divided on this one. What we do know is that, politics aside, it's got a very catchy beat and you'd also enjoy dancing to it.

Tonight the Tsonga Sauce joins Zim's Jah Prayzah on the Coke Studio Africa stage and as you can already see, it's going to be LIT!

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