Bwembya VS Pamela: Battle of the Side Chics

25 April 2018
which of these two women do you enjoy hating on more? Pamela or Bwembya?
Side Chick VS Billboard

Our TV viewing experiences have been drastically improved with the quality of the shows being broadcast daily, and as avid consumers of local content; it is imperative to give props to whom it is due. Sitting on top of the list of some of the local shows on offer is the most talked about telenovela Zuba, a first of it’s kind on Zambian TV and Fever; a drama series making a stellar return for it’s second season. We shall be keeping the spotlight on 2 characters from both shows for this piece.

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Bwembya is a fiery young and ambitious woman who is the object of Mr Rex Mvula’s affections. After she informs him that she is carrying his baby, her plan is to worm her way into his life permanently and prevailing circumstances aid her plan as he decides her safety would be better guaranteed if she moves in with him and the rest of the family.

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Pamela is the feisty woman trying to warm her way into Charles Sosala’s wealth. Her affair with him doesn’t seem to be enough as she claims to be pregnant with his baby in order to cement her hooks into his family’s wealth. She moves into the Sosala mansion on his behest and commences her plans of getting Charles to divorce his wife Phingiwe and establish her as the new matriarch of the Sosala household and empire.

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Taking into consideration the similarities between these two women and their almost identical plans, which of them do you love to hate the most?

Bwembya lying to Rex while her sister looks on.

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Pamela informs Phingiwe she is carrying Charlie's baby

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