Zimbabwean comedian breaks Guiness record

24 August 2016
Carl Joshua Ncube made it! The comedian surpassed the Guinness record for most stand up shows in 7 days!

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube is heading into the record books!

After making a bold declaration that he would be setting out to perform 35 comedy shows over the course of 7 days in 12 different cities, the comedian announced today that he had successfully completed the challenge and broken the record! The previous one had been set by an Australian comic by the name of Mark Murphy who achieved 30 shows in 30 venues over 7 days.

However although Carl surpassed Murphy's record, he fell slightly short of his 35 target and  did 31 shows instead. Either way, this epic feat has not only thrust him into the limelight, it may have just secured him a place in the Guinness World Book of Records! All he has to do now is submit the evidence to the World Record committee, await their approval then get ready to bask in the glory!

Did you attend any of Carl's monumental shows?