About Dope G

18 February 2020
Riding sturdily between rhythm and role interpretations, Dope G is as dope as they get.
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A Lusaka-born Zambian, Sam Sakala, also known as Dope G grew up in Chelstone, and is currently of the most respected rappers in Zambia. As founding member of award-winning group, Zone Fam, he had taken leadership in the group exceptionally well.

Now riding solo, Dope G continues to carry his all-round flow, and captures his audience with immaculate storytelling and multi-syllable rhyming.

In 2016, he released his debut solo album, ‘Flowers’ sold at major distribution platforms nationwide. Having featured the likes of TIM, Kaladoshas, and a dozen other local artists and since the release of two more singles, plus the split from Zone Fam, Dope G has grown in multiple strides and bagged roles on the emerging film industry; completing season 1 of TV series, ‘Love games’, Fever, and now interpreting Zuba’s Thando, a Sosala prince with more shenanigans than there are building blocks connecting the great wall of China.  

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If the shoe fits... Right? Tune into #ZMZuba every weeknight at 20:00, on DStv CH 162, and find out how the Thando narrative re-unfolds and how Dope G interprets this multidimensional role.