A mad black woman – Mpali

24 February 2020
After enduring years of blatant disrespect, while feeding on the crumbs of Nguzu's half-felt love, Junza pens her distress using vengeance.
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Dressed in victory and draped in vengeance, Mai Guru walked into her former matrimonial home with more than just her held high. After all, the deck was emptied and the cards were dealt in her favour.

Truth be told, Junza harboured very little drama when compared to her counterparts and when a wave of ‘scandal’ swept through the farm, bringing down the ill-cemented pillars of trust, destroying the walls of loyalty and dragging Nguzu as its unfortunate casualty; she had very little to veil and had her husband’s back… Or so we thought.

Amidst the paternity wars waged by Tamara and Nancy; through Shupiwe’s big reveal – A teenage reveal might we add? Despite Monde’s nauseating adulterous acts with the farms most trusted employee, and Mwiza’s decision to up and leave with another man, Mai Guru watched Nguzu sift what little value he’d given her and distributed it to her mischievous wives. It was about time she dug her own pits and collected her own feed.

Having had to make do with the sharper and shorter end of the stick, Junza consolidated her pain and built a weapon of mass destruction; one that would reduce Nguzu to ashes with very little chances of redemption.

Clearly unable to deal with ill-sized jail cell Junza placed him, Nguzu begged his wife to unbundle the load she’d just thrown at him and explain the reasons for the war she’s waging against the collective. Plainly put, he was too weak to deal with all the estrogen and that became his undoing.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Junza is now the sole owner of the farm everyone has come to both love and loathe. Alas!

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