A changing of the guard

20 August 2020
Introducing the comical fourth ‘watch’ of Security Guard
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The premiere of Security Guard Season 4 saw the platoon commander sinking to unbecoming depths. First, he framed Headboy by planting an incriminating cigarette filter in his pocket. Then, while Muzo snoozed on the night watch, the platoon commander stole and ate a sausage from his mouth-watering lunch pack. Muzo and Headboy were so enraged by these ‘personal attacks’ that they launched a diligent investigation, which proved beyond all doubt that the despicable leader had it in for them. The pair proceeded to poison and stone him, which resulted in his abrupt resignation from the post!

On their worst behaviour

Next, Security Guard brought home the funnies with a candid look at the everyday domestic affairs of the men and women making up the security detail. One member in particular, wreaked havoc at a local market after catching wind of his ex-wife's attempts to move on with a new gentleman. When the higher-ups from the security firm were called in to intervene and restore order, they were caught in the cross fire and endured a sound beating themselves! ?

Domestic affairs

Notwithstanding this chaos within the ranks, a brand new security detail was trained and deployed. And an Acting Director was appointed to lead the troops. As luck would have it, the candidates hired across both openings proved totally inadequate in their roles, ushering in a fresh wave of bloopers and mishaps for #ZMSecurityGuard Season 4.

In no time at all, the Acting Director began to abuse his position, and the company secretary found him passed out in his office alongside two  junior officers after a day drinking stint at work.

Can peace and order ever be achieved while this unruly bunch is in charge of protecting and serving the people? Tune in to #ZMSecurityGuard every Friday at 21:00hrs on DStv CH 162 to find out!