5 reasons you'll love Spoiler

31 May 2017
You've never come across a kid like this!
Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.29.28 AM

The countdown to the premiere of Spoiler has begun!

With less than a week left before he hits your screens, we decided to wet your appetite with a few reasons why we know you'll absolutely love this completely crazy kid!

No one can handle him!

If there's one thing Spoiler knows how to do, it's shock you with the most ludicrous statements!

He has a smile you'll never forget!

Big cheeks with pearly whites to match. Who can miss Spoiler's smile? 

He's the most cunning kid on the planet!

Don't let his looks deceive you! Spoiler is incredibly cunning!

He says crazy things!

Sometimes you can't help but wonder what really goes on in Spoiler's mind...

He is simply the crazy kid you'll ever meet!

Nothing can ever prepare you for an encounter with Spoiler!

Catch the premiere of Spoiler on the 5th of June at 21:00 on Zambezi Magic, DStv 160

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