5 Man Crew Movie Challenge

08 July 2020
Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Can I enter multiple movies? No, a person may only enter one movie.
  2. What is the prize for each winner? The prize is ZMK 10 000, for all cast/crew involved in the 5-man movie.
  3. Can my name be included in more than one movie? No, your name may only appear on the credit list of one movie submitted for the competition. Multiple submissions of movies or cast or crew names may result in disqualification.
  4. Do I have to be a DStv subscriber to enter? No, you do not.
  5. Is there an age limit? No, there is not. Any minors submitting a movie must have an adult in their cast or crew.
  6. Must I clear music rights myself or will the channel handle that? Yes, it is the responsibility of the 5-man crew to clear any and all image and audio rights used in the movie.
  7. Where do I enter my movie? You may go to: https://zambezimagic.dstv.com/page/competitions/5-man-crew-competition/competitions
  8. How will winners be chosen? Winners will be chosen at the discretion of channel.
  9. How will winners be contacted? The winners will be contacted via cell phone and email so please ensure to furnish us with your correct details.
  10. When will announcement of winners be made? Thursday 27 August 2020.
  11. When will the prize/s be handed over? 31 August 2020
  12. What is expected of me once I’ve won the competition? Please ensure that you furnish us with the correct information so that we can be in contact with you should you be a winner. In the instance whereby we cannot reach you, your prize will be handed over to the next in line.