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Were the red flags there? – Prestige

26 September 2023
Did Chelsea ignore the red flags or she missed them completely?
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In light of Chelsea's shocking discovery about her fiancé's true identity, she now finds herself retracing her steps to see if she missed all the signs that he is married. 

Despite the initial excitement surrounding their engagement announcement, Chelsea's family had reservations about this mysterious man they had never met. However, they still stood by her decision.

Upon reflection, there were several red flags that Aligawesa displayed, which Chelsea overlooked, perhaps mistaking them for harmless quirks. 

Wes had a tendency to disappear for days without any communication, leaving Chelsea questioning his whereabouts. This should have raised suspicions, but Wes quickly noticed that Chelsea was easily convinced and took advantage of her trusting nature. 

Another telling sign was that Wes never invited Chelsea to his house; their meetings always took place in hotels. If Chelsea had any concerns about this arrangement, she should have insisted on seeing his living situation.

When Wes made mistakes, he would often try to make up for them with material gifts, without offering a sincere apology to Chelsea. This is a common weakness among women, believing that material possessions can compensate for emotional pain. Unfortunately, Chelsea fell victim to this pattern.

Now that Chelsea knows the true identity of Aligawesa, she faces a dilemma. She is aware that continuing a relationship with a married man is not an option. However, given her tendency to be easily swayed, she might be tempted to listen to his explanation. 

What Chelsea ultimately decides to do with Aligawesa's explanation remains uncertain. To find out how the story unfolds, tune in to Prestige every weekday at 9:30 pm on DStv Stream and GOtv channel 301.

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