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It will end in tears – Prestige

27 October 2021
Like any hopeless romantic, Chelsea keeps giving love a chance.
Could it be the end? – Prestige Image : 176

Not so long ago, Chelsea had her heart broken when she fell in love with a fraudster. Joshua left her with heartache after she gave him millions of shillings only to realise that was the only thing he wanted from her.

Now, it looks like history is about to repeat itself. Not only is she head over heels for Aligawesa, but she’s also making plans with him for the future.

However, there are two things standing in the way of her dreams becoming a reality: a wife and a child.

Not only that, Aligawesa’s wife and Chelsea have become close allies who have no idea they are seeing the same man.

Will Chelsea ever find the right man?

She tried with Joshua and Crispin, but it always ended in tears for her.

Finding out that Aligawesa has been married for more than ten years will crush her.

Follow the story to see how she will react when she realises she’s the other woman.

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