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From mischievous hotel staff to chaotic cops – Pearl Magic Prime

16 April 2024
As we bid farewell to an amazing season of Hotel Mara, our anticipation soars for the exciting return of Popi with a fresh batch of side-splitting episodes!
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Friday nights have been our saving grace, whisking us away from the weekday woes with Hotel Mara's hilarious antics.  But as we know, all good things come to an end!

as we eagerly await Popi's comeback with brand new and exhilarating episodes and before we dive headfirst into the madness, let's take a moment to mourn our separation from the beloved Hotel Mara cast. 

Will it be the quirky Chef Steve, the strict Sarah, the enigmatic Jack, the sassy Nankya, or the mischievous Ojok Ojok you’re going to miss the most? The choice is as tough as resisting a second slice of cake!

Don't miss your chance to catch these hilarious characters in action one last time on Friday 12 April at 7:30 pm on Pearl Magic Prime!

And as Popi returns with a whirlwind of excitement, our minds buzz with questions: Will OC crack down harder than before, or will her relationship woes soften her edges? Can the detectives finally shape up and act like the guardians of law they're meant to be, or will the chaos continue to reign supreme?

The excitement mounts as we extend the warmest of invitations for you to join the hilarious cast from Fun Factory as they premiere a brand-new episode on Friday 19 April at 7:30 pm on Pearl Magic Prime DStv channel 148, and GOtv channel.