Laika Music joins Kampala Creme – Kampala Creme

05 March 2024
In a surprising turn of events, the highly anticipated addition of Laika Music to the Kampala Creme cast has set the stage for an explosive season ahead.
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Umuhoza Laika, widely recognised as Laika Music, has officially become a member of the Kampala Creme family, joining the likes of Zahara Toto, Mami Deb, and Etania. The air is thick with anticipation as fans wonder how the dynamic of the show will shift with this new inclusion. 

In her video (available on the Pearl Magic Prime website) Laika Music expressed her excitement about joining the cast, emphasising her inclination towards avoiding drama. However, she hinted that she wouldn't shy away from it if it were to come her way. 

The burning question now lingers: Will Laika Music seamlessly integrate with the existing cast, or will her presence add fuel to the dramatic fire that defines Kampala Creme? 

Kampala poll
The Verdict Awaits

Will Laika blend or clash?

Yes, she seems like a lovely lady. 6%
No, she seems dramatic. 18%
Not sure, I still have to watch her. 76%

As the show unfolds, only time will reveal whether Laika Music becomes everyone's cup of tea or an acquired taste that divides opinions. 

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