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Lessons Learned from SA Gospel Artists – VIP Invite

27 March 2022
Every Sunday on VIP Invite Season 2, the VIP guests share their testimonies on the Gospel music show. We share the lessons learnt from them.
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They say "reminders are good for the believers" and sometimes you need just that: a reminder. On Sundays on the Gospel music show, VIP Invite Season 2, several South African Gospel musicians not only lead the Spirit-filled praise-and-worship experience, they also share their testimonies.

We've heard from the singing sensation Bongi & Collin who spoke about how a closed door or a "no" can happen to anyone, including the Gospel stars we look up to. Their motivation is that God is not a man that He should lie – His promise will be fulfilled.

Here are five reminders (or lessons we learned) from several VIP Invite guests:

1. Praise God even in the tough times
Omega Khunou and his wife experienced several miscarriages before they had a little girl. He said that one time when he and his wife went through a tough time, God told him to go to Carnival City for the Spirit of Praise event. “God gave me this song (Udumo) and said, ‘don’t focus on what is happening’. Go there (to Carnival City) and sing God be the glory.”

WATCH: An exclusive interview with Omega Khunou here:

2. Pray for someone next to you
Xolly Mncwango, a single mother, said that the one thing her son taught her was to pray for someone next to her. “There are times that I just fast and it has nothing to do with me, it is just for him.”

WATCH: Xolly Mncwango talks about overcoming challenges in this video:

3. Singing can talk on your behalf
Sbu Noah spoke about his first big loss – when his father died years ago. It was a painful experience for him. He sang the song Mangingene at his dad’s funeral because he didn’t know what to say nor do – so, he sang instead.

WATCH: Sbu Noah share about other lessons he’s learned – in an exclusive interview, here:

4. Take a leap of faith
Ayanda Ntanzi, the South African Gospel songwriter and singer, said that he left his final exams to do a once-in-a-lifetime gig. I had chosen to follow the dream. I got a call when I was about to write my final exams. It was an invitation to perform the biggest tribute in the land of gospel music [for the late S’fiso Ncwane].” After the event, Ntanzi did complete his studies in law the following year.

WATCH: Ayanda Ntanzi talks about what he’s learned about himself as he navigated challenges in his life:

5. Be open to receive support from others
The Gospel star duo Bongi and Collin shared about how they lost they daughter when Bongi was pregnant. After the loss, the couple had their community reach out to them. Bongi explained: “Some picked up the phone and prayed for us… the talking also helped to off load the pain.”

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