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Umkhokha: The Curse

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The curse wants to claim another life – Umkhokha: The Curse

01 February 2024
Someone learns they are not immune to the family curse.
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Episode 239: Nobuntu, do you know these people?

Ndlovu’s men come to pay lobola. Nomkhosi gives Khulekani a shocking surprise. Gabisile is now a negotiator.


Episode 240: My bed, my man

MaMzobe reclaims her marital bed and all that comes with it. New winds start to blow Khulekani’s way.


Episode 241: Love hurts

Nobuntu is shocked and upset when she receives an unexpected and unwelcome visitor. Zisebenzele gets worked up by Khululekani and Khombisile’s podcast. Mabusi surprises Nobuntu with a pampering session while her love with Siphamandla keeps going stronger.


Episode 242: The hearts want what it wants

Nobuntu is not pleased when she finds out what Difa asked of Menga. Khulekani’s Youtube video gets Khombisile into hot water and Menga asks Nobuntu a question that she fails to answer.

Episode 243: A kiss to remember

Menga breaks Nobuntu’s resistance. Khulekani prays for Khombi’s marriage. MaMzobe sees something that startles her.


Episode 244: Family honour over love

Nobuntu makes a decision that is best for her future. MaMzobe stops a runaway train of disaster. Nomkhosi’s jealousy gets out of hand.


Episode 245: Umkhehlo

Nobuntu’s big day is finally here, will it go according to plan? Menga nurses a heartbreak. Sphamandla gives Khulekani his flowers.


Episode 246: Promises made and promises broken

Ithempeli Lenkosi celebrate the coming together of two prominent families, while Menga is marking his territory.


Episode 247: Bedroom secret

Nobuntu is left in a compromised position. Gabi finds a hidden secret that will ruin someone’s life in the Gumede house.


Episode 248: Choose me

Nobuntu drops a bombshell to MaMzobe. Siphamandla is confused by Mabusi’s shifty behaviour. Zisebenzele comes up with all sorts of tricks to find a way to get close to Ntombi.


Episode 249: No love lost

MaMzobe tries to sway Nobuntu to the right direction. Mabusi is excited to surprise Sphamandla for his birthday and Khululiwe demands payment to help Zisebenzele score Ntombi.


Episode 250: Surprise birthday

The elders have plans for Nobuntu and Ndlovu’s wedding. Nobuntu’s plans threatens Difa’s efforts to save her from umkhokha.


Episode 251: Confessions

Nobuntu’s despicable act comes to the fore. Sphamandla and Mabusi have a romantic time away.


Episode 252: Unforgivable

Difa can’t make peace with Nobuntu’s betrayal. Ndlovu takes out his anger on the wrong person. Zisebenzele goes full force after Ntombi.


Episode 253: The beginning of the end

Mabusi awakes from a horrible nightmare, unbeknown that it’s the beginning of the end for her. Khululiwe learns that Zisebenzele used Ntombi’s money to buy her a gift.


Episode 254: Something is calling me

Mabusi is saved in the nick of time from jumping off the cliff. Difa washes his hands off one of his daughters.


Episode 255: Leaving home

Nobuntu gives Difa an ultimatum. Mabusi learns that she is not immune to the family curse. Zisebenzele pulls all the stops to win Ntombi.


Episode 256: It can always get worse

Mabusi fears for her life as the voices get worse. Difa’s apology is not well received. The Mthembus alert the Gumedes about umkhokha.


Episode 257: We will fight

Whether or not another daughter in the Gumede family escapes umkhokha unscathed remains to be seen.


Episode 258: Mabusi’s last dying wish

Mabusi makes a plea that will affect Siphamandla’s future. Khululiwe catches Ntombi in Zisebenzele’s room. MaMzobe and Zodwa are forced to go back to the villages.


Episode 259: Go ahead, kill yourself

Mabusi is overwhelmed by the voices in her head. The Mzobes learn the real truth about their father. The maids enjoy some alone time.


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