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Feisty new arrival, more drama – The Throne

16 September 2019
Sello’s wife arrives at the wedding and causes a stir.
Tshego 8

There’s a feisty new addition to The Throne and by the look of things, more drama is headed to the tiny village of Kweneng.

Let’s just say, Tshegofatso Morule knows how to make an entrance! Nobody expected to see her at the wedding. Certainly not the happy couple, Sello and Odirile!  

Tshegofatso Morule – played by Tema Sebopedi

Tshegofatso (Tshego) is a Tswana woman, who was born and bred in Mmabatho, North-West. As an only child born from a middle-class family of a doctor and teacher, Tshego has never had to experience what it is like to be poor.

Tshego is a fashion designer and studying towards an MBA abroad. She met Sello Morule in her 20s and decided that he was the man for her. He was from a prestigious family and a prince. Moreover, had an interest in travel which drew her to him.

Tshego married Sello when she was just 25 years old. She has a penchant for finer things in life. She loves spicy food, and has a fiery nature, but she is also very good at playing sweet and innocent.

Sello’s secret is out! Is Sello and Odirile's marriage legit? Does this mean Tshegofatso is the rightful queen? Yoh, so many questions!   


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