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Which Real Housewife of Johannesburg are you most like?

05 May 2020
You may have already chosen sides and favs, but which housewife are you most like in terms of personality? Take our quiz to find out.
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The Real Housewives of Johannesburg have added much needed drama, glamour and spice to our lockdown viewing. Who knew they could be the rich divas of Jozi we needed!  While you may have decided which of them you agree with the most in those heated arguments, do you know if it is because you are similar to your fav or if it is a case of opposites attract? Take our quiz to find out which housewife you are most like. 

  1. Which of these describes your personal hair style?
    1. Short and blonde like Marilyn Monroe? 
    2. Long and legally blonde 
    3. Long or short but definitely sleek and black 
    4. I love something with curls 
    5. Brown, grey, black; anything really as long as it is classy and suits me


  1. You see a long-lost friend at a party but she’s giving you the cold shoulder, what do you do?
    1. I leave the room whenever respect is no longer being served
    2. LOL! Who could ever give me the cold shoulder? Right?
    3. I enjoy the positive energy at the party and make a note to talk about it at a more appropriate time
    4. I just go over and greet her and ask her why she’s giving me the cold shoulder. We’re all adults
    5. Honey, I don’t have time for nonsense


  1. Which of these combinations best describes you?
    1. Vibrant, bold, joyful
    2. Opulent, playful, a wonder
    3. Tough, thespian, affluent
    4. Sharp, a hustler, ambitious
    5. Glamourous, logical, straight-talker


  1. You’re going to the Durban July, what are you wearing?
    1. I’m gold baby!
    2. An elegant skirt and top with some killer boots
    3. I’m going feminine and floral
    4. Catch me in designer black and red
    5. I’m snatching edges as the lady in red  


  1. What would you say you are best known for?
    1. Radio, TV and speaking my mind
    2. Singing and putting my foot in it sometimes
    3. Family, the finer things in life and throwing shade
    4. Family, business and more business
    5. Living according to my rules, telling the truth and business


  1. You’re hosting a dinner party, when do you arrive?
    1. I have been known to arrive an hour late to my own parties
    2. I am ready way before, red carpet laid out for my guests and all
    3. I am prepared and it’s probably happening at my favourite spot
    4. I love a theme and may even change outfits, I am not too fussy about time
    5. I look for a cool new spot for us to check out in town and we’ll wait for everyone to arrive over some good food and drinks


  1. What is your pet peeve?
    1. People who don’t listen when others are talking
    2. People who don’t listen to everything I say when I am talking and misinterpret me
    3. Liars!
    4. People who have no peace
    5. Bullies and two-faced people


  1. How do you react to drama?
    1. If drama is what they want, drama is what they will get
    2. Sometimes, from the sidelines it is really funny. But I don’t like to venture into the ‘dark side’ if you know what I mean
    3. Throw some shade at it and give the best ad libs and commentary from the sidelines
    4. I don’t do drama
    5. I walk away


  1. You have a fallout with a friend, how do you deal with it?
    1. They will have to apologise, they have my number, right?
    2. I label them a member of the dark side and anyone else who sides with them
    3. I don’t do bad friends
    4. I try to make it work, hear them out but if it ain’t working, I cut you off.
    5. I love my friends and I have a lot of them, problematic people I deal with directly



Mostly A’s: Lethabo

To call you a firecracker would be an understatement. You are bold and unapologetic. You speak your mind, not just for yourself, but anything else you are passionate about and others benefit from your voice.

Mostly B’s: Christall

You love to be heard, and not just when you are singing. You are passionate and care-free but that doesn’t mean you can be taken for granted or walked all over because you will stand up for yourself. Most of the time, you are just about a good laugh and a good time making new friends.

Mostly C’s: Mrs Mops

Family above everything. After that, you love positive energy only! You are warm and welcoming but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a sharp bite for those who deserve it; they don’t call you ‘Shady Mops’ for nothing. You’re tough and have a killer poker face from your dramatic talents.

Mostly D’s: Lebo

Cool, calm, collected, it takes a lot to get you riled up. But once you have been adequately provoked, watch out because someone could get hurt by your sharp tongue and wit. You are ambitious and know exactly what you want and where you are going, you leave the drama behind.

Mostly E’s: Brinnette

A classy queen, you don’t waste your time where you will not get it back. But if someone is asking for your attention, you will give it to them and they may not like it. You are always calm, logical and trying to keep a healthy balance.


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