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A high flying lawyer has his life turned upside down when he discovers that he comes from a long line of witches, whose men have ruled the supernatural world of the five tribes. Will he answer his true calling?

S1 | E13
03 April 22:00
'S1/E13 of 13'. Mogale and Chigani come face to face with the intention of ending their feud once and for all. Chigani h...




Mogale and Chigane final duel – Omen Image : 18943
Chigane's wrath – Omen Image : 18944
Chigane's wrath – OmenChigane casts a a dangerous spell on Mogale and his followers following the death of her parents.
A royal pact  – Omen Image : 18945
A royal pact – OmenMogale makes a soul pact with Anna in return for her help to bring Chigane down.
What you'll love about Omen! Image : 18946
What you'll love about Omen!So much to love about Omen, and the cast tells us exactly what.
Exploring the character – Omen Image : 18947
Exploring the character – OmenThe cast tells us what drew them to the character they play.
Alile tricks Mogale – Omen Image : 18948
Alile tricks Mogale – OmenAlile tricks Mogale into bed thinking it is Lizi to save the world. Will Alile still tell them the secret to taking down Chigane?
Kgwara's gluttonous fate – Omen Image : 18949
Kgwara's gluttonous fate – OmenKgwara's dangerous and evil ambitions lead him to the devils den and he pays for it with his life.
Kgwara kills the snitch – Omen Image : 18950
Kgwara kills the snitch – OmenRangwana Kgwara kills Sebaki before he can tell all.
A royal beating – Omen Image : 18951
A royal beating – OmenKing Mogale ends up in a brawl with his brother after failing to convince him to join their fight against Chigane.
Madimabi exposes his mother – Omen Image : 18952
Madimabi exposes his mother – OmenMadimabi turns his siblings against their beloved mother.
Mogale accepts his calling – Omen Image : 18953
Mogale accepts his calling – OmenAfter his mother made him blind and then restored his sight, Mogale accepts his calling to save his son.
Zombified – Omen Image : 18954
Zombified – OmenMogale rejects the truth he's been seeking for from his mother, meanwhile Chigane finds a weak spot to Mogale.
Mapula on fire – Omen Image : 18955
Mapula on fire – OmenAfter a fight with Chigane, Mapula is at the wrong place at the wrong time and is later set alight for being a witch.
The witches hour – Omen Image : 18956
The witches hour – OmenMapula's visit to her late husbands grave to stop Chigane from acquiring his heart turns to a nightmare.
Homecoming – Omen Image : 18957
Homecoming – OmenMogale's mother lands a pregnant Nokuthula in hospital as part of her plan to get him to go home following his father's death. Chigane vows to kill Mogale's family.
Omen comes to Mzansi Magic Image : 18958
Omen comes to Mzansi MagicWhat if a man who doesn’t believe in witchcraft gets a calling not only to become a witch, but to lead an entire realm of them?
Mogale and Chigane final duel – Omen
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Would you leave your life as you knew it to take up the calling to lead your family of witches?

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