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Congratulations, Cabby! – Spirit Of Mzansi 

04 October 2018
And co-pilot Sandile
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An unbelievable stroke of luck helped deliver Cabby and his co-pilot Sandile to a stunning victory over Lusanda and Jason last night on Spirit Of Mzansi.

Cabby, who had been lagging behind all journey long, fell to the floor after realising he and Sandile were the first to arrive at  their destination, the Volkswagen Training Academy on the outskirts of Centurion. Unbeknownst to them, Lusanda and Jason had entered the wrong address into their GPS - a costly mistake that landed them at one of the Volkswagen dealerships in Centurion central, instead of the Academy.

Final race day kicked off with as much drama, with host Mpho Popps herding Cabby and Lusanda off to Moses Mabhida Stadium with only a road map for directions. Cabby, realising the futility of It all, tossed the map aside and banked on the sun to help map his way to the stadium. Lusanda, on the other hand, employed a clever tactic to help cut down the stress of the journey - asking the locals for directions.

There was no time to rest once at Moses Mabhida, because as soon as the two stepped out of their Amaroks, the safety harnesses went on and everyone readied themselves for the big jump.

Before Cabby and Lusanda could even gather themselves following an exhilarating bungee, Mpho Popps hauled out another surprise - all our Eliminated contestants would be making an appearance. Once it was revealed that the co-pilot would be in the running for R50 000, the business of selecting a co-pilot began.

Cabby, who had completed the jump in the shortest time, was given first-pick. He didn't hesitate with his choice; Sandile, while Lusanda picked Jason, leaving her road-dawg Palesa disappointed. Lusanda and Jason did well in the quiz that followed and earned a full tank that would take them to final destination. The two zoomed off into the distance, leaving Cabby and Sandile still trying give the correct answers.

Luckily, a traffic bottleneck coming out of Durban helped Cabby and Sandile close the gap. Lusanda employed her legendary driving skills, which helped her pull away from the two. After collecting their food at a pit-stop, Lusanda and her co-pilot were "home free", until they got to Centurion and realised they had made a big mistake. Through tears and disappointment, the two eventually made their way to the Academy long after dark and found Cabby and Sandile relaxing on the winners podium.

Watch Cabby and Sandile's winning moment

Congrats to Cabby and his co-pilot!