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Ellah and Lucas’ Love Story – OPW

14 October 2018
She gave him quite the run-around at first.
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Ellah and Lucas met through mutual friends. Well, it was mutual friends who actually introduced them, after Lucas spotted Ellah at a pub way back in 2005. They’d meet and chat every time she came by to visit these mutual friends.

Lucas did not have it easy though. Ellah was reluctant at first. She didn’t quite like his lifestyle but Lucas took the imitative and talked to her, assuring her that he was a good guy. That didn’t stop Ellah from asking him a few pertinent questions though, LOL!

Sadly, his mom passed away shortly and her heart reached out to him. He had a “minor incident” at the funeral and had to be hospitalized. This brought the even closer. Actually, it was during this time that their relationship flourished.

Lucas loves Ellah for her gentle-spirited nature. She loves that fact that he likes to cook for her and their children. He’s quite the good cook, she says.  

Tonight, they get to share their dream wedding with us and the rest of the country.

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