Lihle & Nolitha

Lihle & Nolitha

Nolitha and Thembelhle met in a very nontraditional way. They met on an online dating site, where they both had profiles. Lihle had been browsing through profiles when Noli's caught his attention. He also realised that she had sneakily encoded her email address in the profile, and Lihle was smart, and attentive, enough to crack the code and email her.

That Lihle had done what many had failed to really impressed Noli, whose profile had been active for two years. They started to talk via email, until Lihle worked up the courage to ask for her phone number. But he didn't call her immediately, he tortured her for two weeks.

When they eventually met face-to-face for the first time, Noli was struck by how in awe Lihle was of her, and Lihle couldn't believe how beautiful Noli was in real life. The sparks flew, and they fell in love.