Lillian and Samuel

Lillian and Samuel

Lillian and Samuel met years ago as she was walking back from school. A smitten Samuel tried to get her attention, but Lillian was too shy to be caught chatting to a man on the street. 

Samuel followed her all the way home, hoping to get a moment to profess what would become his undying love. He was lead all the way to her grandmother's doorstep. 

Samuel, not being one to give up easily when he sees someone he loves, walked respectfully up to Lillian's grandfather that same day to ask for permission to date her. 

Her grandfather agreed and many years later, the rest is lovers' history. Samuel has been a happy man since!


Getting to the alter has not been as simple for the lovely couple. On his death bed, Lilian's grandfather asked Samuel when he intended to pay lobola for his granddaughter. Lillian's mother also admonished Samuel to marry her daughter considering all the years they had been together. He paid lobola in the year 2000.


The patient couple has been quietly planning for their big white wedding day for a number of years. In 2013, they diligently worked towards planning for the beautiful ceremony. 

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