Rodney & Veronica

Rodney & Veronica

Rodney (39) and Veronica (34) are living proof that true love really exists. They have been through so much together and, at the end of it all, their love for each other sustained them. The couple met in 1994 through a friend and, when they started out, Veronica’s parents did not like Rodney much and were not impressed by the car that he drove.

Veronica explains that her parents were very strict and in order for her to see Rodney, she would have to sneak out of the window at night and would return in the wee hours of the morning when Rodney dropped her off.

The two have stuck together and built their love on friendship, trust and loyalty. Rodney values Veronica for her loyalty and patience. He explains that she was there for him when he was in prison for nine years. He says that Veronica would visit him whenever she could. Although she tried to get involved in another relationship whilst Rodney was in prison, Veronica says that her heart was always with Rodney. She adds that no one understands her like he does and he feels the same way about her.

Rodney and Veronica like staying indoors, watching movies and shopping. They also enjoy taking the kids out to the zoo and going to jazz festivals together. They admit that they are very close as they have been together for so many years. From 1994, they dated until 2001 when Rodney was arrested and spent nine years in jail. With everything that they have been through, they have learnt to be open to each other and communicate about anything that upsets the other - they work things through.

Veronica says that she loves Rodney’s personality as he is an open book. She says that he is friendly, loyal, understanding and peaceful. When Rodney proposed in 2009, Veronica says that she chose to marry him because she loves him very much and even when he was in prison, her heart always belonged to him.