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Roderick & Keke

Roderick and Keke found love "in a hopeless place." The lovebirds met at a funeral they both attended, and Keke quickly caught Roderick's eye.

After the funeral, Keke and her friends headed to a tavern for "after-tears" and Roderick and his friends found themselves at the same spot. He noticed that all of Keke's friends were drinking a particular brand of beer, but Keke was sipping on the same brand that he loves, and he seized the opportunity to talk to her by offering to buy her another round.

Keke was reluctant to accept his love advances because the community had painted him as a perpetual drunk and prodigal who drank all his earnings in a weekend, which was true. But eventually she decided to give being with a shot, and she helped turn his life around. Roderick is now a reformed man, and it's all thanks to the power of love.