Daniel & Cecilia

Daniel & Cecilia

Cecilia met her husband when she was 40 years old in 2010 and swears by her motto that “life begins at 40”. Daniel is 11 years older than her and admits that he fell in love with Cecelia on the day that he met her.

It was on a taxi to Mabopane that these two lovebirds met. Daniel came to join her and squeezed himself next to her as two other passengers were already seated comfortably on their seats. Cecilia was not impressed when Daniel stepped on her corn and having apologized, offered her Chappies chewing gum and ask for her contacts and reasoned that it was for in case she needed to be taken to the doctor.

Daniel phoned after two days and made his intentions clear. Soon the two were an item and Cecilia quickly introduced him to her children as ‘daddy’ on the first day, because somehow she knew that’s what he would be.

The children were very excited to have a daddy but at the same time worried that Daniel would disappear like those who came before him. When Daniel proposed Cecilia was over the moon and Daniel was glad that he would have someone to call his wife and age together with.

The couple says that the chemistry between them has never changed and promise each other that they will be by each other’s side through thick and thin. They enjoy going to church together, reading and discussing the Bible together. Cecelia appreciates her husband for being very understanding, supportive and patient with her.