David & Dinah

David & Dinah

It’s said that true love has a redeeming quality, and can save one from a destructive course. This rings true for David, 29, and his 31-year-old fiancee Dinah.

Dinah was in an abusive relationship and seeking a lifeline, and David was in the grip of a life of gangsterism when they met. Through supporting and counseling in an email group chat that later progressed to private phone calls, they fell in love and helped each other out of toxic situations.

Dinah appreciates that David ignored family disapproval at their relationship; she came into the relationship with four children and is 2 years older than him.

Against all odds they stuck together and now they’re solidifying their bond by becoming husband and wife.

The couple loves traveling, and they’re so in sync, they finish each other’s sentences.