Bongiwe & Mzwekhaya Image : 191

Bongiwe & Mzwekhaya

Bongiwe and Mzwe's love story is a classic case of office romance. They met at work and quickly became friends. But chemistry is hard to suppress, if not impossible. They're relationship developed to something that was more than friendship, but not quite a relationship, as the two made demands on each others' time.

Mzwe decided to take that all-important step towards demystifying the relationship and make it a solid romantic relationship. He did that by surprising Bongiwe with a passionate kiss. A startled Bongiwe asked what prompted the kiss, and he laid his chest bare, he had feelings for her.

Bongiwe admitted that his feelings were requited, and the two finally became each others' bae. Thankfully, the relationship was approved and even celebrated at work.