Bongani and Zandile

Bongani and Zandile

Bongani and Zandile met when Zandile was a shy schoolgirl. They met by the riverside, and Bongani was immediately captivated. From that point on, he stealthily pursued her, being careful not to be too overbearing, as she was young and still in school. He made sure that with each passing year, she remembered he existed, and that he was still waiting for her.

She progressed in school, and eventually went to sangoma initiation school. Bongani had to wait another two years, but his love was patient. Eventually he boldly went to her and asked for her hand. Not thinking he would actually do it, she prompted him to take lobola cows to her father to prove his seriousness. Serious he was, because shortly after, six heads of cattle were driven to Zandile's father's homestead, and she realised that he really did love her all this time.

They've been together ever since, and now have five children in their brood. Not without its challenges, their relationship has stood the test of time. They will be having a wedding that will be a celebration of the rich Zulu culture in Eshowe.