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Tebogo and Kgwale’s love story – OPW

15 May 2022
They met through mutual friends.
OPW S12 Tebogo and Kgwale

Tebogo (43) and Kgwale (48) Malope have been together for 22 years! Yep, you heard right, 22 years and tonight they make it official.

How they met:

Tebogo was with a friend, who had arranged to meet up with a certain potential boyfriend. As the three of them were sitting and enjoying a few drinks over a meal, the potential boyfriend invited Kgwale to join them.

“We then moved to somewhere more comfortable, where we could have dinks. He sat there and starred at me,” Tebogo said.

As they were about to leave, Kgwale got the courage to ask her for her phone number. “The following day, we paid them a visit. She wasn’t home though that day, but we talked on the phone,” he said.

They didn’t see each other for about 8 months after this, but luckily they bumped into each other again. “From there, we dated for some time and moved in together,” said Kgwale.

How he proposed:

Tebogo likened Kgwale’s proposal to pillow talk. “I didn’t know whether he was serious or lying. We were lying in bed and he said, “Will you marry me?” she said. This was in November 2012. They had a signing ceremony in February 2013.


Kgwale mentioned how Tebogo battled with alcohol at some point. “She used to drink quite a lot. We got robbed maybe like 10 times, but we’d recover our money. We nearly broke up,” he said.    

Luckily, they beat this together and they invited  the Our Perfect Wedding crew to show that even after 22 years, you can make it if you love and respect each other.


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