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Shonisani and Mohubes love story OPW

28 November 2021
It started with a kiss.
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He came to see her wearing a suit one day, and tonight Mohube Maepa (41) gets to wear one again, as he marries the woman of his dreams Shonisani (33).

How they met:

The couple met in 2008 at a local grocery store where Shonisani worked. Mohube would rock up at the shop and pretend to buy something, when he really just wanted to get a chance to speak to her.

This went on for a while and Shonisani recalled how in 2010 he asked for her number. “He would call and I wouldn’t be able to answer sometimes when I’m at work. I remember one time I went on leave and went to the village to visit family. He called me and was disappointed I didn’t tell him I’d be visiting family,” she said.

Elaborating, she said she returned to work and he came to see her. A few month later, she got time off again and while waiting for a lift to town, Mohube and his friend Doctor drove by. “I couldn’t just leave her on the road waiting for transport, so we offered her to take her home,” Mohube chipped in.

Shonisani said she called him when she returned from the village and they met up. “We talked for a while and shared a kiss that day, and that’s how things started,” she added.


Distance has been a major challenge in their relationship. “Whenever I visited him, I’d get calls from other women,” she said. Mohube said he put an end to all of that because Shonisani was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Mohube paid lobola in 2017, after their second child was born. They had a signing ceremony at Home Affairs and they invited the #OurPerfectWedding crew to show the whole world how much he loves her.


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