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Busisiwe and Pheeha’s love story – OPW

12 December 2021
They met during lockdown.
OPW S11 Busisiwe and Pheeha

Imagine getting into a relationship during #Lockdown, when most relationships went through the most? Yep, Busisiwe (36) and Pheeha (36) Mohlabeng did that, and tonight they start a whole new journey together.

How they met:  

Busisiwe has gone into town to buy a few essentials when she bumped into Pheeha at the butchery. “He was talking to himself. He wanted to buy tripe, but he was undecided. I suggested he buys already made tripe in town and I directed him to where he could buy it,” she said.

He then asked for her number, but she left without giving him her number. Pheeha left with a heavy heart and when he got home, he searched for her on Facebook. Luckily, he found her and sent her a message.

Busisiwe said she ignored him for a while but went back to read the message. “He was thanking me for telling him where he could go buy the tripe that day we met. I had  actually forgotten about him, but he reminded me and we started chatting after that,” she said.

Busisiwe said she was pleasantly surprised when she found out they had a lot of things in common. Since they’re both born-again Christians she asked him to give her time to pray and fast about their buddying relationship and he did.


Busisiwe said they’ve only know each other for a short while, but the challenges they’ve had made it seem like they’ve know each other for quite some time. Busisiwe recalled the times she was sick and it took a turn for the worse a few weeks after meeting Pheeha.

“I remember being in hospital and I told him to carry on with his life. I couldn’t expect him to tolerate my health problems,” she said.  Pheeha admitted it was a very difficult time for them, but said he told himself he was not going anywhere. Busisiwe beat her health issues and is happy and looking forward to a new life with the love of her life, Pheeha.

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