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Tshidi and Abram’s love story – OPW

31 May 2020
The feeling was mutual.
Tshidi and Abram intro

Tshidi describes her first encounter with Abram as, “love at first sight,” and she hasn’t looked back since that day.

How they met:

This was back in October 2014 at the train station. Abram was returning from work, she was on her way back from school. She was standing with some random guy when Abram approached them and asked her who the guy she was standing with. When the guy said Tshidi was her woman, Abram flatly refuted this, saying Tshidi was actually his woman.

He asked for her number and they spoke on WhatsApp quite often after this. They would meet at the train station and take the same train back home. Later, he’d walk her home.

She loves that he’s caring and shows empathy for others. He loves that she’s understanding.


Tshidi would have to sneak out from home to meet him.  Then she fell pregnant and she had to tell her parents! This was such a shock to her parents. Abram also had to undergo initiation for traditional healers when she finally moved in with him, and she had to manage the household without him while he was away.

How he proposed:

Abram invited her for lunch and when she got there, he blindfolded her and slid the ring into her finger. This was the happiest day of her life.  


Tonight, they invite you to join their friends and family as they come together to witness their union.  


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