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Tips for tying the knot – OPW

21 June 2019
If your walking down the aisle soon, this might be for you.

The journey to saying 'I Do' is not always a pleasant one, planning ahead will be the best thing you can do for yourself. We give you four tips on what to prepare for when tying the knot:

1. Use trusted services

We've seen one too many blunders on OPW when either the make-up lady ditches, the decor people don't show up or the food is just not warm enough! Don't fall victim to service providers that can't take a little pressure. Always use referrals and follow up like there's no tomorrow. 

2. Guest come first

We know, the big day is always about you! But thinking about your guests and their experience would help your big day become a perfect one. Providing for overflow when met with uninvited guests is always the smart thing to do. Not enough chairs, cutlery or food is a bad look. 

3. Be realistic with time 

Don't keep the ministers or your guest waiting! Set realistic times and bare in mind, travel times and possible traffic. Connect with your suppliers with how much time they would need, do not assume that they can work into your timetable.

4. Get Help

You might have an idea or multiple ideas but if someone in your family is known to slay parties, events or are good for contacts - ask for help! If you can’t afford a wedding planner, rally up trusted friends and family that will be more than qualified to oversee some elements ( with your guidance of course).

Don't forget to put in place some contingency plans and don't sweat the small stuff on your wedding. Have fun and be in the moment.

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