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Sipho and Julia’s love story – OPW

19 January 2020
For Sipho, no other woman could compare to Julia.
Julie & Sipho1

You know when you see someone and you immediately know that that’s the person you’d like to spend the rest of your life with? That is how Sipho (36) and Julia’s (31) love story began.

It was back in 2007 and a Youth Day Service in church when spotted Julia stepping outside for a break and here’s what he did:

  1. He followed her outside:

Yep! He followed her outside, with the hope that he’d get a chance to speak to her.

  1. He roped in a good friend:

When Julia refused to give him her number, Sipho asked a friend to go do his “dirty work,” LOL! I mean, that’s what friends are for, right!? When he eventually got her number, he soon realized Julia needed a little more convincing.  

He courted her for a whole year! In 2008, Sipho had to relocate to Cape Town and while he met a couple of girls, none of them could ever compare to Julia. The long distance came with insecurities, especially on Julia’s side. Luckily, Sipho moved back to Johannesburg and the couple was reunited, and they been together since.

How Sipho proposed:

In 2009 he proposed. They went out for lunch at Emperor’s Palace. While having dessert, he held her hand and popped the question. Tonight, the invite us to share their special day with friends and family. 


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