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Prudence and Gift’s love story – OPW

13 October 2019
Gift proves that chivalry isn’t dead.
Prudence and Gift1

From the start, Gift Selatela (40) from Tembisa, has been a gentleman. He and Siphiwe Prudence Sibanyoni (35), also from Tembisa, met in 2015 at an unveiling.

“I was supporting a friend of mine,” Prudence says. “And that’s how I met him. We were in a queue to go and dish up. It was full so I didn’t have place to sit. I was with my best friend. So, he came and approached us and offered us chairs saying we can join them.”

When she needed a serviette, he passed one to her. “And I picked up that this guy is giving me attention.”

“I ended up approaching her,” recalls Gift. “And I asked her what they needed. I saw they were drinking juice. I said to her I think she deserves some better than juice. I gave her a few cans of soft drinks and serviettes.”

His birthday was the next day so he invited her to a park. She agreed, but only if her picked her and a friend up so they could all go together. “So it’s what I did,” Gift says. “Everything led to the other.”

Both have face individual challenges – she lost her father; while he lost his brother – but they’ve supported the other. She’s lost some of her friends too because they weren’t happy about her relationship with Gift.

“We [held on to] each other and believed in what we wanted,” she says. “We never listened to other people. We always share anything out there, whatever negativity my friend is saying, I will talk to him in a nicer way though.”

“Actually, when I met Prudence, [it] was the same year that she lost her father,” Gift says. “So she’s the first born her family. When we would go out, take holidays, go out for spa sessions and everything, they would badmouth her and say she’s blowing her father’s money on ‘that boy’.”

He says:

“What I love about Prudence is that she’s an inspiration in my life, loving, and caring. She’s got a soft spot for me.”

Prudence says he’s loving, humble, responsible.

“He takes care of our families. He’s not greedy at all. He does give me attention. I made a good choice. We have three children, beautiful ones.”

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