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Promise and Thapelos love story – OPW

28 April 2019
Food is always the way to a man's heart - this time braai meat is the start of it all!
1Promise and Mbulaheni

Promise (29) and Thapelo (31) met 5 years ago, when Promise was going to braai meat with her father. She says he caught her eye immediately, but she had to play it cool until he asked for her number. “It was like he was reading my mind.” Says Promise.

Thapelo left the shop unattended and offered to braai the meat for her, he told other customers that he was still dealing with a special customer. He was taken by her beauty!

Not even her father could get in the way of young love, as he recalls the day this happened. “What can you say? Young people are like that!” he recalls with a laugh.

Promise loves that Thapelo is humble, understanding and she loves him for that. Thapelo feels blessed that he had someone to help him during his seizures as it was a difficult time for him.

When she fell pregnant in her final year of University, her father was disappointed, but he was encouraged when Promise finished school.  After that, the Randwezi family paid Promises bride price and they got married at Home Affairs.

It’s always been a dream of hers to get married on her birthday and now that baby number 2 is on the way, Promise couldn’t think of a more perfect time!

Mr and Mrs Randwezi have 3 things on their Wishlist: the décor, rings and food! Join us in the South of Johannesburg as they celebrate their love!

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