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Nonhlanhla and Matime’s love story – OPW

26 January 2020
Not even the eight-year break could stop their hearts from finding a way back to each other.
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Matime (44) never imagined falling in love with another woman after his divorce. That was only until he met Nonhlanhla (35).

The couple met way bac in 2008. Their offices were adjacent to each other, so they would bump into each other every now and then. One day, he asked her to join him for lunch.

Their biggest challenge:

Matime was going through a divorce at that time and he took a liking to Nonhlanhla. Their first date was at a local fast food restaurant. Their love story was cut short about six months later because of Matime’s divorce.

They were separated for eight years, and to Nonhlanhla’s surprise, Matime called her again in 2016, asking to see her! Luckily, they were able to pick up from where they left off and they have been together since then.

Not even supporting rival soccer teams could separate these two! He’s a Kaizer Chief fan, while she’s an Orlando Pirates fan, but they still manage to keep the peace each time their teams go up against each other.

How Matime proposed:

The couple were on a cruise in 2019 and Nonhlanhla had no idea what Matime had in store for her. During their lunch break, he popped the question! Best day of Nonhlanhla’s life!

Tonight, we watch how they tick off all the items on their Wish List and have themselves a perfect wedding.


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