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Nokubonga and Mukelani’s love story

25 August 2019
Facing adversaries have made this couple stronger.
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This week we travelled to Pinetown, Durban to see Nokubonga Cele (38) and Mukelani Ntanzi (45) tie the knot.

Mukelani recalls the first time saw her in 2000 and what happened thereafter. “My family and I went to her home and we told her why we were there. That’s how we do it in the Zulu culture.”

He adds: “Her representative comes out of the house and gives you beads as evidence to take to your family. Before you get home, the singing would signal that you have won the woman’s heart. The whole neighbourhood rejoices and ululates in celebration of winning the heart of the maiden.”

Nokubonga echoes his story. “I was told I had visitors, so I went to see who the visitors were,” she says.

“That’s when he told me he loved me. I was confused. He told me that he once saw me at a ceremony close to his house he was intrigued and wanted to get to know me.”

She adds that many a heart were broken because “there were plenty of guys who wanted to date me”. Mukelani managed to beat everyone at it, she says.

Mukelani admits he became nervous when she said yes to him in 2001 because he was unemployed so he didn’t have enough money to buy everything her family had requested. But he luckily got a job through his brother.

Nokubonga and Mukelani also managed to overcome the tragedy losing both sets of parents.

They have managed to triumph through adversity and now, have had their perfect day.

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