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Lebo and Mzimkhulus love story OPW

12 January 2020
From tragedy arose relationship happiness.
Lebo & Mzi 1

Lebohang 'Lebo' Mohloki (36) and Mzimkhulu Mtshali (39) met in November 2016 when they attended a funeral of a mutual friend, but they didn't know each other at the time.

"We met at the wake (the after-tears)," says Lebo. "He approached me."

Mzimkhulu, a man of few words,  says he was taken by both her beauty and demeanour. "It was crowded, but I didn’t want to be surrounded by guys. I noticed her and decided to approach her. I told my friend Thapelo I was interested in her."

She initially felt he came on really strong, and gave him an incorrect cell phone number. But he was too sharp for that.

"He said he was going to call the number to see if it worked. I told him it was the wrong number and I gave him the correct one. He asked what he should save me as and he said he’d save me as 'my wife' because 'you are my wife', he said; 'I had been sent my God'.

I was like, this man is just too much. I gave him my number and he said can we take a picture. I was shocked. Thapelo, his best man, came to take a picture of us," she says.

They went for breakfast the next morning, but she started to avoid him thereafter. "That didn’t help because he already knew where I lived so he decided to come, after I had stopped taking his calls. When he saw me, he accused me of playing games when he was actually serious about me. He’s been on my case since that day."

They both have children from their previous relationships. "I have three children, and he has four children," says Lebo.  "And then we’re planning to have one. That will seal the deal, eight in total. That’s our Bafana Bafana team."

She says she doesn't like that he doesn't communicate. "I hate it when he doesn’t call to let me know he’s running late. I know his job is demanding but at least What’s App me or give me one phone call to tell me you’re busy and tell me when you’ll be home. He just keeps quiet and doesn’t communicate."

Mzimkhulu says: "What I don’t like about her is, but I know I am the cause, she likes to argue. She never shuts up."

She describes Mzimkhulu as loving and caring. "He loves his family. He has time for his family."

"What I love about Lebo is that she is an extrovert," says Mzimkhulu. "She has time for me and the children. Ever since I met her, there has been a huge change in my life."

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