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Constance and Tiisetso’s love story – OPW

09 February 2020
Patience got him the love of his life in the end.
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Tiisetso (40) didn’t let the fact that he was actually the rebound mess with his game plan. Tonight, he marries the woman of his dreams, Constance (38).

How they met:

It was several years ago, when Constance had just moved in with her aunt in Tokoza, in the East of Johannesburg. It so happened that her aunt’s house was in the same stress as Tiisetso’s house, so he’d see her passing by very often.

Constance was in a relationship at that time and Tiisetso was not fazed by this. Unfortunately for Constance, her then relationship ended sadly when her boyfriend betrayed her trust. Tiisetso stepped up and they have been together since that time.


Like any other couple, Constance and Tiisesto faced financial challenges at one point in their relationship. Constance had to move into Tiisetso family home after lobola was paid and at that point in time, he was the breadwinner. A few disagreements between Constance and Tiisetso’s family resulted in her moving out. He’d visit her every now and then and tt was only after a few months that he also moved out from his family home to build their own life.   

Having gone through such challenges, the couple feels closer than ever and tonight they invite you to join them as they exchange vows and start their journey in marital bliss.  


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