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Ayanda and Siyabonga’s love story - OPW

15 September 2019
Despite their differences, they’re making their relationship a success.
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It was 2010 and South Africa was engrossed in World Cup Soccer fever. But Siyabonga Mncube (33) only had eyes for Ayanda Mngomezulu (32), whom he saw on the bus.

“Every time I got on the bus, he’d look at me,” she says.

Siyabonga says: “I saw a beautiful young lady.” At this, Ayanda laughs softly and looks down.

“I’d always stare at her when she got on the bus. I wanted to speak to her but I was shy. I kept my feelings to myself.”

Once they started talking, she says she fell for him. But they had to overcome a stumbling block. They were both in relationships at the time. Ayanda says her then boyfriend was abusive so she decided to leave him.

Siyabonga says despite being in a relationship, he was ready to risk it all to make Ayanda his. Today, they have two young daughters.

When he told Ayanda he wanted to pay lobola, she didn’t believe him, she says, because she pegged him as a liar already. “But when it happened, I was happy. I don’t want to lie.”

Siyabonga proposed on Christmas Eve in 2016.

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