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Amanda and Thabo’s love story – OPW

02 February 2020
He wrote a love song just for her.
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Amanda (32) has found herself quite the Jim Reeves in Thabo (35). I mean, did you hear those lyrics!

The couple met way back in 2007/2008 through a mutual friend. Thabo had just got out of a relationship when he met her. A few months into meeting, Thabo buys her a gift for her birthday. How cool was that? When she went over to fetch her gift, Amanda realized that he was actually a great guy and that’s how it all started.

Challenges they’ve faced:

Just like any other couple, it hasn’t been smooth sailing all the way for them, as their relationship was put to the test when Thabo lost his job. For a moment there, things seemed a little tough for them because they had just had their first child. With a baby and one source of income, the couple had to make things work and luckily, they came out of it even stronger than before.

How Thabo proposed:

He proposed in 2010. She never expected it and actually thought it was a social gathering coz all her friends and family were there.  When she walked in, she was met by a friends and family with a cake inscribed, “Forever Mine.” How sweet is that?

Amanda's frind, Mbali paints a colourful picture of how Amanda has always dreamed of getting married to Thabo and tonight, she gets to have the wedding of her dreams!


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