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Njabulo Khanyile – Mnakwethu Image : 28419
Hloniphizwe Mchunu – Mnakwethu Image : 28344
Hloniphizwe Mchunu – MnakwethuMusa notes with concern that Hloniphizwe’s approach might not have been the best. It turns out he’s right because MaNgcobo flatly refuses, and wonders why Hloniphizwe would say he wants someone to help her with her duties.
Qinisela Xaba – Mnakwethu Image : 28260
Qinisela Xaba – MnakwethuMaMiya is visibly upset, the minute Musa and her husband Qinisela step into the room. Musa Mseleku tries to calm her down, but she puts her foot down.
Siphiwe Masuku – Mnakwethu Image : 28131
Siphiwe Masuku – MnakwethuMusa Mseleku humbles himself and asks MaNxumalo, who has an ancestral calling, to return to the house so they can talk. Her husband, Siphiwe is required to pay a fine and als cleanse MaNxumalo. She further tells him that she has one other condition before she can grant his request.
Siyabonga Shamase – Mnakwethu Image : 28091
Siyabonga Shamase – MnakwethuTempers flare, as Musa Mseleku walks in with Siyabonga’s potential second wife, MaChiliza. She demands answers, and Musa tries to step in to calm the situation.
Musa Mseleku returns for a brand-new season – Mnakwethu Image : 27494
Musa Mseleku returns for a brand-new season – MnakwethuMzansi, get ready for a brand-new season of Mnakwethu this July, hosted by your fave Musa Mseleku
Qondanisa introduces MaZwide – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 27076
Qondanisa introduces MaZwide – Mnakwethu HEAQondanisa introduced his third wife MaZwide to MaChunu and KaMazibuko in Mnakwethu Happily Ever After Season 2. KaMazibuko doesn’t want Qondanisa to have a third wife. Meanwhile, MaZwide says she will soon handle the issue that Qondanisa has with KaMazibuko. MaZwide says she is the second wife.
Langa visits Shelembe family – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 27077
Langa visits Shelembe family – Mnakwethu HEALanga tries to make amends with MaShelembe and her family on Mnakwethu Happily Ever After on Mzansi Magic. He went to visit his inlaws but they want nothing to do with him. Langa and his wife MaSithole discuss the situation.
MaCele meets MaBiyela, shocked – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 26999
MaCele meets MaBiyela, shocked – Mnakwethu HEAMaCele is shocked to learn that her husband, Gezani, has been courting another woman, MaBiyela, on Mnakwethu Happily Ever After on Mzansi Magic. This is after MaCele had said she tried to win over MaMkhize, a potential second wife; she even WhatsApp messaged her.
MaMthombeni fights MaKhumalo at home – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 27000
MaMthombeni fights MaKhumalo at home – Mnakwethu HEAMaKhumalo visits Thembelani at his home in Mnakwethu Happily Ever After on Mzansi Magic. Thembelani’s first wife, MaMthombeni returns home and finds the two of them looking cosy in her house – she is livid about it. MaMthombeni decides to fight MaKhumalo in her house.
Samantha comes clean – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 26783
Samantha comes clean – Mnakwethu HEAQondanisa and Samantha quarrel about who the father of her baby could be – in Mnakwethu Happily Ever After? Diaz, a friend, is called into their meeting to discuss the matter. Later it’s revealed that Diaz’s cousin Elias could be the father of Samantha’s baby.
MaMhlongo angry at Dulas – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 26677
MaMhlongo angry at Dulas – Mnakwethu HEADulas invites MaMhlongo to talk to him and MaShozi. MaMhlongo is angry at Dulas after hearing that he paid lobola for MaShozi and she throws water at him, she walks away.
Mbeje’s father calls him out – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 26678
Mbeje’s father calls him out – Mnakwethu HEAMbeje visits his father to discuss his issue with MaVilakazi and seeks advice about it. His father calls him out on how he should treat his wives, and asks him about the love potion.
MaVilakazi visits sister wife – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 26527
MaVilakazi visits sister wife – Mnakwethu HEAMaVilakazi visits her sister wife out of respect – to have a heart-to-heart. Mbeje shows up and the love potion is discussed. Later Mbeje reveals why he used the love potion.
MaMchunu shows new house – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 26528
MaMchunu shows new house – Mnakwethu HEAMaMchunu, one of Qondanisa’s wives, shows him the house she built, including the shack she lives in when she cooks for the builders.
Thabsile chooses mom – MnaKwethu HEA Image : 26335
Thabsile chooses mom – MnaKwethu HEAThabsile tells her boyfriend Gezani (Dludla) that she made a decision – she chooses her family over him.
Thabsile apologises – MnaKwethu HEA Image : 26337
Thabsile apologises – MnaKwethu HEAThabsile Mkhize takes her mom and aunt out for lunch and apologises to them. Her family is upset about her considering a polygamous marriage with Gezani.
Sneaky Dulas – MnaKwethu HEA Image : 26338
Sneaky Dulas – MnaKwethu HEAMaMhlongo chases Dulas away after he sneaks into her family’s yard, her parents were not home. On his arrival, he tells her not to wear pants.
MaKhumalo: “She’s controlling him” – MnaKwethu HEA Image : 26339
MaKhumalo: “She’s controlling him” – MnaKwethu HEAMaKhumalo talks to Thembelani about his first wife, MaMthombeni, and calls her controlling. He says he doesn’t want to take sides.
Mbeje accused of love potion – MnaKwethu HEA Image : 26334
Mbeje accused of love potion – MnaKwethu HEAMaVilakazi is upset with Mbeje and accuses him of using muthi on her to keep her spellbound to him. He is shocked about her accusations. She breaks up with him.
Reunion Part 2 – Mnakwethu Image : 25538
Reunion Part 2 – MnakwethuMaNinela is adamant she’s not ready to have a sister-wife. Meanwhile, MaMsweli vows to continue seeing her husband.
Reunion Part 1 – Mnakwethu Image : 25539
Reunion Part 1 – MnakwethuIt’s the seasons Tell All episode and Linda has a lot of questions for Macingwane. It gets heated when MaMthombeni opens up.
Thembelani Mchunu – Mnakwethu Image : 25386
Thembelani Mchunu – MnakwethuThembelani has a tough time trying to convince MaMthombeni about his decision to marry a second wife on the basis that he wants someone to live in the villages.
Sabelo Ncengwa  – Mnakwethu Image : 25382
Sabelo Ncengwa – MnakwethuMaDladla is livid and has pertinent questions she’d like Sabelo to clarify when he announces his intention of marrying a second wife.
Njabulo Khanyile – Mnakwethu

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