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Love does not live here Love Back

26 May 2021
Lerato could barely even look at Keobaka, let alone talk about giving him ama-LB.
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Mzansi was left shook when Keobaka asked Love back to help him get the love of his life back but he could barely stand to look at him.

Lerato did not utter even a single word to the lovesick Keobaka who had brought cameras and crew and Mzansi’s cupid, Mzwandile to help him get her love back. As soon as he stepped in the room and started talking about rekindling their love back, she left the table and never returned.

It was a painful end for Keobaka but sometimes, you just can’t make a person love you. Lerato said she had moved on with the father of her child, something Keobaka refused to accept. We hope he can also move on and find love somewhere lese with someone else.

Here is what Mzansi peeps think about the shocking episode:

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