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Love Back


Mzwandile bringing the Love Back!

20 April 2021
He is mending broken hearts all over Mzansi by bringing soulmates back together.
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You have heard that old saying, “Indaba zabantu ababili azingenwa” but no one does that better than Mwandile Ngubeni. He goes straight to the heart of the matter between two people, giving them a chance to open up to each other and mend those broken places.

Sometimes, he earns love a win and the two lovebirds are brought back together. Other times, the love has long gone and there is nothing our fav can do to bring that love back.

One some very special occassions we are not sure if we are watching an episode of Uyang'thanda Na or Love Back but trust Mzwandile to work hard for love to get that win. 

We are here for Mwandile’s calm and respectful approach in handling people; hearts. He I delicate with his words yet probes to get to the root of the matter, he offers romantic wisdom while hearing out both sides of the story and he gives viewers some great viewing entertainment as he does it all.

All we can say is we can’t wait to see how many more hearts he will be bringing back together on Love Back!

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