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The revolution will be televised! – Lockdown

28 August 2018
"We have rights!" - Azania Smallentjies
the lockdown revolution will be televised

The revolution will not be televised, unless it's in Thabazimbi and on Lockdown season 3! Did you ever think the prisoners of Thabazimbi would rise up against management?

The lead up: Renale di-rights!

No one could have seen it coming. A young inmate from the Fees must Fall movement enters Thabazimbi Women's Correctional Facility and instead of being afraid she courageously stands up for the right of all prisoners. Azania has become the prisoners' fighter even after her own friends sold her out into a life of prison forever! Everybody is behind Smallentjies! 


Soap, pads and porridge

First it was the complaint about the sanitary pack - there were no pads, a small amount of tissue and a tiny bar of soap. Then it was the stiff pap meets porridge that not even a hungry dog would stomach. The ladies of Thabazimbi finally realised they have rights too! 

Renale dirights!

The revolution goes wrong!

But then a fight for right became a complete anarchist riot. Guards were taken hostage by the prisoners, the Minister's daughter is kidnapped, the prison facilities are damaged. Maki Magwaza completely takes over the riot and slays a guard. It's nothing like Azania intended! Could this mean more jail time for her?

The riot did not only end in Thabazimbi Women's Correctional Facility, but also to the men side. Mamba and his fellow inmates saw an opportunity to break free from the jail given that guards had to be reinforced at the female prisoners section. Could this be how Njabulo escape his clutches?

Prison break

From a fight for rights, to a revenge mission to the male prisoners escaping. What will become of Thabazimbi?

Can the riot be stopped or has it completely gotten out of hand? Who will survive the riot and who will not live to tell the tale? 

Find out every Monday at 20:00 on #lockdownMzansi season 3!