The most romantic moments from the Zulu Brothers – #TheWifeShowmax

13 February 2022
Five of the most romantic gestures from the Zulu brothers.
mqhele proposing to hlomu at the taxi rank the wife showmax

One thing about the Zulu brothers, they love hard and very romantically. Remember these beautiful romantic gestures from the brothers in season 1 of #TheWifeShowmax?

  1. When Mqhele proposed to Hlomu

We really hate to love him or anything he does but Mqhele is one romantic Zulu brother. Remember when he closed down the taxi rank, decorated in dreamy fairy lights with a private performance just to propose to Hlomu?

  1. When Nkosana pulled a prison break for Zandile

We don’t know if it’s the years Nkosana spent raising R80m to get her out of prison or when he planned and seemed to pull off a prison break to get Zandile out of jail?

  1. Every single time Nqoba defended Mandisa

For most people, burning R80m is a dealbreaker but Mandisa has done that and even committed murder placing the Zulu family in a compromising position but Nqoba has always defended her. Every time Mqhele has threatened to lift so much as a finger at her, Nqoba has been willing to put his life down for Mandisa, is there anything more romantic than someone having your back?

  1. When Sambulo introduced Jabu to his late father amd mother

Is there anything more important than that moment when your bae finally introduces youto his parents. Well, Samulo introduced Jabu to his late mother and father which means he effectively introduce her to his ancestors and we can’t think of anything more romantic and sacred.

  1. When Qhawe beat Mqhele for Hlomu’s sake

We are definitely not condoning the violence but Qhawe essentially making sure Mqhele picked on someone his own size is an unforgettable romantic gesture.

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