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The other side of Thabazimbi – Lockdown

16 August 2018
They may be your favs, but they have really done the worst and the most!
other side of thabazimbi

Thabazimbi Women's Correctional Facility is not a place for the faint at heart. it's ruthless and fast, to survive you have to be cunning and calculating. We all have our favs already, but do we remember some of the bad things they have done?Β 


She is tough to hate, but Tyson is no one's tjomie! The only person Tyson may have loved is her brother, who passed away due to cancer, now she is a woman alone in a tough world. Tyson is tough as nails and remorseless. Her latest sin, killing an innocent child to get revenge against his savage father. You love Uncle Tyson, youΒ may understand what she did without condoning it, but she is ruthless.Β 


A frim favourite and leader in the prison, MaZet is the most difficult not to like. She is take charge, cunning and guards her daughter with an iron fist. We understand why she protects Nkuli the way she does in an evil prison and world, but can we ever forgive her for killing Nkuli's friend n a prison fire?Β 

Maki Magwaza

The list of wrongs Maki has committed is endless, but she has grown on many. She came in a ruthless stabbing inmate, was humbled by Mazet and rose from the ashes again. You may have shed a tear or two when she cried for her grandson Simon following news of his death, but she has made many shed more than just a tear or two.Β 


You thought we forgot about your unassuming child coddling fav? Slender is by far the one we hate to hate but she has also done the unthinkable and stomach turning. Remember when she stole a baby from a woman who took her in when she was down? She almost killed the poor lady and her baby.Β 

They keep us on their feet, and despite their many faults and crimes you stan for them. Stay tuned to #LockdownMzansi every Monday at 20:00 to see what else your favs will be pushed to do!Β