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New members of Thabazimbi! – Lockdown

10 July 2018
New faces and a new male section at Thabazimbi Women's Correctional Facility? Things are getting very interesting on your fav prison drama!
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If you're into drama, action, turf wars, entering the world of the hard knocks and people willing to do anything to survive, then Lockdown is the show for you! Just when we thought nothing could make the show any more gripping than it already is, enter new members and a whole new male section! 

Get to know the new inmates that will br bringing you more drama than you can ever handle! Prepare for tears, shock, cliffhangers and absolute in-your-gut anger!


Azania Lockdown

The #FeesMustFall activist might be in over her head, as she finds herself on the wrong side of the law and locked up but Azania is a fighter through and through!  Her need to give a voice to the voiceless could help her make friends …or create some unwanted enemies in the prison. In a tough place like Thabazimbi, enemies are more likely than friends. 


Cijimpi Lockdown

Ciijimpi is a Special Task Force Agent who is hired to make every problem disappear, this goes for anyone causing unrest in the prison. His methods are less than kind or legal as the agent prefers using excessive force even against female prisoners. Ciijimpi knows he holds all the power and this makes him go beyond most boundaries.

Lindiwe Cebekhulu

The new governor of Thabazimbi Women's Correctional Facility is not one to use carrot more than stick. Replacing her sister Beauty who was untimely unseated and killed by Deborah Banda, Lindiwe is her both for revenge and to takeover by fire and by force. The ruthless governor brought in a no nonsense special task force. Her only weakness is her nephew, Njabulo who she will do anything to get out of prison. 


Mamba Lockdown

Mamba has been locked up since he was a preteen and being a jailbird is what he is most good at.  He isn’t intimidated by all the monsters – in fact he is one. Not knowing what it’s like to walk as a free man has made his heart a very dark place. His target at the moment, Njabulo and the former governor's son has no way of escaping the dreaded Mamba. 

Phindi Mazibuko

Phindi Lockdown

Phindi is a clinical psychologist who is fascinated with criminal behavior, especially serial killers. She can find all the locks, bolts and chains to where all the deepest secrets are hidden. Will she manage to get answers to all the questions we desperately want to know?

Zim Zim

Zim Zim is a woman who loves the Lord but there’s a very dark twist to her. A twist so deep, it lands her in prison with all her notorious inmates.   

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