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Change of Power! – Lockdown

31 July 2018
The fall of MaZet and the rise of Maki Magwaza!
maki vs mazet lockdown

Thabazimbi is going through a number of changes! A new male section has been added to the prison, governor Deborah Banda is out of a job and in comes Lindiwe Cebukhulu complete with the most ruthless secial task force team you've ever witnessed. Now, MaZet is no longer the bosslady of the prison. Maki Magwaza is calling the shots! 

In season two, Maki Magwaza really sent a chill up everybody's spines. She was quick to attack, ruthless and focused in her mission to take down MaZet and get her revenge on Deborah Banda. However, Banda proved to be a difficult opponent for Magwaza and she lost an eye and her the fear she instilled in people in the process. 

At the start of the season, Maki Magwaza had fallen from ruthless grace and MaZet was rightfully in the seat of power. 

But Magwaza is not that easy to get id of. With a few cigarettes, she had MaZet addicted ot drugs and falling asleep at work. Next, the kitchen takeover! With Maki Magwaza in cooking in the kitchen she is the drug kingpin and will rule the rison with an iron fist. Out MaZet and in Maki Magwaza! Whose side are you on? 

Stay tuned to #LockdownMzansi for more turf wars, drama and action!