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Why Sne is all the goals – Isithembiso

18 April 2019
An appreciation post!

No one breaks down the truth better than Sne, and that is why we absolutely love her.

Four more reasons why we love our fave: 

1. Loyalty

She's the best friend every girl could ever ask for her. We have witnessed her confront Zamani over his new relationship. The way she broke the news to for Simi was gentle and understanding.

1555619739 34 screen shot 2019 04 18 at 22.30.50

2. Sne is an entire vibe

If she ain't feeling you, she ain't feeling you! Sne doesn't mince her words and we love that everybody will know what exactly is on her mind!. Her favourite line to say is "Angizwanga?"

1555623903 33 img 20190418 134724
Classic Sne

3. A hustler, but she's not greedy

Sne doesn't wait for handouts and doesn’t expect the good life to attract her.  She is always thinking of ways to provide for her son. We admire that she is a hustler who doesn’t worship money. Remember when she returned Vivian's money? 

1555622202 34 screen shot 2019 04 18 at 23.14.31
Sne refuses the money

4. She's beautiful, inside out

Although Sne has a tough exterior, she has the biggest heart and always has her friends best interests at heart. Whether she's pushing Zamani to tell Simi the truth or encouraging her friends to go for what they want - she truly is a gem.

1555623216 34 screen shot 2019 04 18 at 23.27.57
Sne encouraging

Sne is an absolute fave and she gives us the best drama. Who is your Isithembiso fave? Tune in weekdays at 7:30 pm to follow their storyline. Join in the conversation using the #IsithembisoMzansi hashtag.